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More and more business owners choose to convert their websites from HTTP to HTTPS for obvious reasons. It’s widely known that HTTPS is crucial for security of a website, DNS infrastructure and browsers. That means that if you are about doing your business seriously then you definitely need to setup SSL on your website and protect your clients from hackers. It’s important to know that if you convert your website from HTTP to HTTPS then you’ll be able to make your site and business more secure. On the other hand, converting HTTP to HTTPS has an impact on your website’s Google ranking and delivers multiple SEO benefits.
Mobile Internet Usage Passes Desktop Internet Usage It’s widely known that the number of mobile users has been increasing all the time. Website owners have probably noticed that mobile traffic has grown dramatically for the last few years. It’s worth noting that people get the access to the Internet from different types of mobile devices including mobile phones, smartphones as well as tablets. On the other hand, the number of desktop users is constantly decreasing. Obviously, browsing the internet from mobile devices has become a trend that constantly gains in popularity.
Believe it or not web sites do have a thing called life-span, even if you are totally blown away by your web site initally, all sites need a revamp every now and then. Of course if you ask any web designer/development company they are going to more than likely say you need a new site look to get the sale. We want to give you some things to look out for on your site that will help determine if your web site is ready for a new look / revamp


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