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Today marketing is key with almost all businesses around the world.  Without marketing your business will not make it to your customers.  Sure you can have the best looking website in the world with coolest features and gadgets but without a marketing strategy there is no real way for visitors to find your company website at all.  Whether your business is brand new and just now taking its first steps into marketing or just trying to keep up, it can be very overwhelming at times.  Fortunately, we here at 41Global offer some full marketing options for you.

Internet marketing is no different than your normal marketing strategies. 41Global has great marketing expertise to help you put together a great marketing strategy that will help grow your business and reach new customers through the World Wide Web.

Our Internet marketing services include:


SEO is a critical part of your company's website. Users on the web today rely heavily on Google keyword searches to find their answers. You may get visitors through local credibility which is very important, SEO within your website has to be maintained and configured properly in order for your website to succeed within search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Some research needs to be done ahead of time and proper keywords need to be chosen based on your industry/niche. We can help assist your company get in front of the right visitors and lead them to converting on our website organically.

Social Media

Most likely you are using social media currently in some sort of fashion personally or for your company. The way that we converse with one another has changed forever. Of course, a lot of the content on social networks are silly and not exactly good for your business, but the way you could use social media for your business could really help by forming awesome relationships with your clients. It can be something as simple as posting an image, liking a page or starting a small simple discussion about your end product, social media can totally increase your brands awareness and customer engagement.

Social media can present your business a voice that gives your customers direct access to you which they pursue. Social media has so many opportunities and can really be a great tool for your company to begin using 100%.

Pay per click marketing

This technique will get your faster results for your business than other options most of the time. PPC advertising such as Google AdWords can bring in new business quickly by pushing a load of traffic to your site by using specific keywords.

41Global can create a great PPC strategy for you and confirm that your funds are managed properly. We will send monthly reports showing you the changes and how PPC is helping your website traffic. We will make sure your site gets in front of the correct audience you’d like to target.

To learn more about our Internet marketing services, contact us today.


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