Affordable Website hosting and maintenance services

What is Website Maintenance?

Once you build your website, you’re done, and it takes care of itself, right? WRONG! You could never drive a car for miles and miles every day without a tune-up at some point. The same goes for your business website as well. Keeping your website well maintained keeps you safe from hackers and much more. Not only do we at 41Global build and design awesome web experiences, but we also offer a great website maintenance program that will maximize your website performance.

First impressions always matter when a visitor comes to your website and we make sure that your website is always healthy when anyone visits. Your website is your 24/7 marketing tool and most of the time your first connection with a customer so it is critical to keep it 100% healthy and secure.

Why do you need Website Maintenance?Website hosting and maintenance services

As a business owner, you already have a ton on your plate to handle without having to worry about checking your website constantly. Keeping your website healthy and current is very important for customer engagement, SEO, security, and much more.

Your website is a very important piece of your business and if it is not updated and running smoothly it could really cost you a lot. Getting behind on website maintenance can lead to broken outdated scripts, and modules and also lead to your website being easily hacked and data being stolen. You run the risk of totally losing your entire site and possibly having to start from scratch by not keeping your website well maintained.

How can we help your Website Maintenance?

At 41Global we offer very reliable and affordable website maintenance services. We are able to handle your business website SEO, hosting, backups, security, and most important we give you peace of mind.

We make sure your website is always online and secure and provide monthly reports each month on all the work we've applied throughout each month.  Click the link below if you are in need of website hosting and maintenance services.


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